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Paityn Criss Cross Underbust Gothic Corset

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SKU :  CD-1980-18

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Gothic corsets can be worn for a variety of occasions, whether you need a new outfit for a party or if you want a sensual undergarment to feel great in. With the Paityn Gothic Corset you’re going to be getting the luxury of corsets, a feminine appeal, meanwhile drawing in influences from gothic culture. The steel boned construction is designed to give your body the utmost amount of support meanwhile ensuring that the corset maintains its shape for a long period of time. It is also extraordinarily comfortable to wear as it offers 100% cotton lining which is both breathable and soft.

  • Spiral Boned Gothic Underbust Corset with Criss Cross Lace on Side
  • Bella pattern perfect for Regular & Petite torso female
  • Front Length is 13 inches (33.02 cm)
  • Underbust to bottom length is 11 inches (27.94 cm)
  • Side Length is 11.5 inches (29.21 cm)
  • Back Length is 13.2 inches (33.53 cm)
  • Bone: 8 Spiral Steel Bones are distributed all around the corset
  • Bone: 4 Flat Steel Bones at back for better lacing grip and stability
  • Bone: 2 Flat Steel Bones under the clasp
  • Front Opening: Metal Clasp
  • Lacing: It has 6.5 - 7.0 meters long lace for tight lacing the corset
  • Grommets in the back 12 x 2 = 24 total
  • Panels: It is made up of 10 panels, 5 on each half
  • Modesty panel 6 inches wide
  • Fabric Layer-1: Shell Fabric Poly Brocade & Satin which is fused for strength
  • Fabric Layer-2: Lining 100% Cotton which is fused for strength
  • Waist Tape: 1 inch wide satin waist tape for perfect grip & hold
  • Suspender Loops: 6 Suspender loops at the bottom
  • Bone Casing: All bones are placed under cotton bone casing

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