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Waist Training Myths Debunked

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There are tons of myths out there about corsets and waist training. If you search the internet, you’ll find all kinds of misinformation. We’ve come up with a list of myths that we can debunk for you in order to provide you with more accurate information.

Waist Training Is Dangerous

False. Waist training is not dangerous if it is done in the correct way. Sure, if you just go ahead and tighten up the laces as fast as you can and as tight as you can, you could actually cause some damage to your internal organs. But anyone who knows about waist training knows that it is a gradual process. You have to give your body time to adjust to the amount of pressure, and you can absolutely stay safe!Waist Training Myths Debunked

Waist Training Is Permanent

False. If you stop wearing corsets at all, your floating ribs will eventually float back to their natural resting place, reversing the effects of waist training. It won’t happen immediately, but you will notice the hourglass figure will start to drift away after some time passes. It is different for everyone.

Corsets Cause Your Organs To Change Shape

False. Corsets can cause your organs to shift and change positions, but they won’t cause your organs to physically change shape. Everything may migrate to a slightly different space in your torso while you are wearing a corset, but the same thing happens if you are pregnant and have a baby taking up space.

Corsets Need A Certain Number Of Bones

False. Corsets are all built differently. Just because a corset has a certain number of bones inside does not make it better or worse. The distribution of the bones, and the channels that hold the bones in place are a more accurate tell of whether a corset will be supportive or not.

Off The Rack Corsets Are Not Good

False. While a custom-made corset may fit you perfectly, it will also come with a more hefty price tag. Off the rack corsets are just as good as some custom corsets. Once an off the rack corset has been seasoned, it will also fit your body perfectly and will save you some money.

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