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Waist Training For Men

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Corsets are not just for women. There is a large group of men who also enjoy waist training. But men’s bodies are very different from women’s bodies. Let’s take a look at how waist training differs between men and women.

Waist TrainersWaist Training For Men

Obviously, men don’t need an overbust corset. They have no worries of support in their chest, so a simple waist trainer will do. Men throughout history have donned corsets in order to achieve a certain figure. The Minoans were one of the first to achieve the hourglass look, and then in the 1700’s, all the socialites were wearing corsets.  Modern men are discovering the benefits as well and jumping on board to a slimmer figure.


Waist trainers are fairly discrete. They can be worn under clothing, and most people never even will know. This is a big selling point for men. Not everyone wants people knowing that they are wearing a corset, so with a waist trainer, there is plenty of opportunity to hide it beneath your clothing.


Corsets can provide support for your torso and back. Men who have an injury sometimes turn to a corset for extra support during the day. It can provide relief from a back injury, or just help to support a general weakness. The boning can straighten your spine, and actually keep you in better form during weight lifting sessions. Fitness gurus have been strapping on waist trainers in order to help with their workouts.


Corsets can provide support for your posture as well. Many males who have put on a corset noticed in a very short amount of time that their posture improved drastically, and they experienced a big change. Men who sit at desks for long periods of time might appreciate the support of a corset to help keep their posture good all day long. This can lead to stronger core muscles and a healthier body. 

If you are a male looking for a corset, check out our entire line on the Corset Deal website. Some of our waist trainers can be used for men as well as women, so be sure to check out our size guide. Consider the possibilities!

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