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How To Fix A Bowing Corset

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Is your corset bowing when you try to put it on? There could be a couple of issues happening, so let us help you figure it out. Keep reading and we’ll tell you a few reasons why you might be having trouble.

Wrong Size

If you tried on your corset, but are experiencing a lot of bowing, it could be that your corset is the wrong size. Corset measurements are very precise, so sometimes it can be hard to judge. Take a look at our detailed size guide to figure out the right size for you. Be sure to use a tape measure to take your measurements, and write them down so that they are accurate. If you think that the wrong size is the issue, let us know so we can exchange it for you.How To Fix A Bowing Corset

Not Yet Seasoned

If you just put on your corset for the first time, don’t panic yet. Some bowing can be caused by a corset that has not yet been seasoned. Give it time, and work slowly by tightening it little by little until you finally get the fit that you are looking for. Seasoning does not happen overnight. It takes the bones in your corset some time to be able to mold to your body’s shape. If your corset is brand new, giving it some time may fix all of your bowing issues.

Grommets Too Far Apart

The lacing on a corset needs to provide steady, even tension in order to keep the pressure even all the way around. If the grommets are too far apart on your corset, this cannot be achieved. The more grommets there are, the better distribution. This can be different for different people too. But the general rule of thumb is to make sure that there are lots of grommets on your corset.

What To Do?

There are a couple of solutions you can use for a bowing corset.

1. Modify your lacing technique.
2. Add more grommets.
3. Change the type of boning in your corset.
4. Tighten the boning channels.
5. Get a different size corset.

If you are experiencing corset problems, do not hesitate to reach out. Our team would be happy to help you troubleshoot and pick out the corset that will work best for you. Check out our entire selection on the Corset Deal website today.

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