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Corsets and Water

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Corsets and water just don’t go together very well. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, leave your corset at home if you plan to hit the water. Here’s a list of a few reasons why you should avoid getting your corset wet.


Lung Capacity

Because corsets squish your insides together, you may not have the full lung capacity that you would normally have without a corset. This could be a problem when you are swimming. While some people do take an occasional dip while wearing their corset, it is better to leave your corset at home when hitting the beach.Corsets and Water


Different Fabrics

If you immerse your corset in water, there is the chance that the different fabrics that make up your corset will dry at a different rate. This can cause lumps and bumps, or even shrinkage in your corset. This can cause your corset not to lay flat, and can cause you discomfort. It is better to spot clean your corset and hang it up to dry in between uses.


Rust And Corrosion

Don’t forget that the boning in your corset can be made out of metal. Most modern day corsets are made out of stainless steel, so there is a very small chance of the metal rusting. But over time, the wetness in the corset can cause damage, and ultimately ruin your corset. Corsets with plastic boning are better if you think you are going to wear your corset in the water.


Corset Design

Not all corsets are designed the same. Some are meant to hold up to everyday wear and tear, while others are meant as more of a decorative accent for your outfit. The ones that are designed to be worn every day all day have a stronger structure and are designed to hold up to more. Decorative corsets are made out of pretty fabrics, which may not be designed to hold up to things such as getting wet. Be sure you know about your corset before you try to take it in the water.


The moral of the story is that you probably should avoid water with your corset on. There are a lot of risks associated with immersing your corset in water, so it may be best to just avoid it all together. Check out Corset Deal full selection of corsets on our website today.

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