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Knowing The Reversible Corset

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Corsets come in many different colors and styles. There is a corset out there to go with almost any outfit you can imagine. So how can you possibly choose just one? Don’t fret! We’ve got another fun solution for you: the reversible corset!


Two Corsets In One

Knowing The Reversible CorsetThe bonus of a reversible corset is that you don’t have to choose just one style! A reversible corset comes with two styles built in to one corset. One color on one side, and one color on the other side. It’s like getting two corsets for the price of one. This is a great idea if you are just getting started and would like to have multiple looks for your wardrobe. Or this can be a great idea if you travel frequently and would like to be able to pack only one corset, but use it for a few different looks. For example, the Jodi reversible corset has one side that is blue and flowered, and one side that is black. This gives you multiple looks in just one piece packed away in your suitcase.

Zipper Closure

Most reversible corsets come with a zippered closure in order to guarantee a better fit. Laces would require that you totally unlace the entire corset and then replace it every time you wanted to switch sides. A zipper removes that hassle from your closet and gives you the freedom to switch back and forth as you choose.


With a reversible corset, you are going to want to make sure that you are caring for both sides. A traditional corset comes with a liner material that allows you to put the corset up against your skin. A reversible corset should always be worn with an undershirt of some sort to protect the decorative fabric on both sides of the corset. When you are done wearing it, it should be hung somewhere to air out, allowing the fabric to stay in the best shape possible. Alternating frequently will ensure that the corset wears evenly on both sides of the fabric, not making one side seem more dull that the other side.

A reversible corset has quite a few great uses. Pick one that will give you the most out of both sides, and you’ll be on your way to having a lot of different looks from just a few pieces. Check out our full selection of reversible corsets on our website at Corsetdeal today.

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