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Celebrities Who Waist Train

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Celebrities are some of the biggest fans of waist training these days. In order to get their figures to be perfect for an upcoming movie role, or to get back to their pre-baby figure quickly, a lot of celebrities turn to waist training. Take a look at this list of celebrities who have been caught wearing waist trainers.

1) The Kardashians- Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe all wear waist training corsets on a regular basis. They love the hourglass figure look, and the waist trainer gives them what they are looking for. All three have posted numerous photos on social media of them wearing waist trainer corsets. Celebrities Who Waist Train
2) Jessica Alba- Jessica Alba reported wearing a double corset both during the day and at night for months. She told sources that it was very hard and that it isn’t for everyone, but she was really glad she did it.
3) Selena Gomez- This actress and singer has been known to wear a corset onstage and for photo shoots.
4) Jenni “JWoww” Farley- American TV reality star JWoww is a big supporter of waist trainers. Her hourglass figure comes from sporting a corset and she happily posts about it on social media.
5) Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi- JWoww’s best friend Snooki also took to waist training after her second baby was born. She says it helped her get her abs back after the baby.
6) Lady Gaga- Lady Gaga’s outfits run anywhere from out of the normal to completely strange. She is no stranger to the corset, and many of her outfits consist of a waist trainer or a corset of one style or another.
7) Britney Spears- This singer has been known to don a corset for her stage appearances.
8) Beyonce- Beyonce uses waist trainers to achieve her signature hourglass shape. She wears them onstage, but also in daily life in order to stay “bootylicious”.
9) Victoria Beckham- Victoria Beckham has been seen sporting corsets around town. In her days as a Spice Girl, her outfits were known to include a corset or two in order to show off her figure.
10) Charlize Theron- Charlize Theron wears a corset everywhere from the red carpet to the set. Her many roles over the years have required her to wear a corset in order to keep with her character’s personality.

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