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Back Support And Style In One

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Corsets offer a unique and undeniably sexy style. The right corset, like the ones from CorsetDeal, accentuate the female form in a beautiful way, making you look and feel completely irresistible.

Although almost anyone can tell you about the aesthetic benefits to wearing a corset, fewer people realize the health benefits to wearing one. If you’d like to improve your look, posture, and back pain, waist training could be right for you.

What Is Waist Training?

Back Support And Style In OneWaist training is, essentially, going through a gradual process of reducing your waist by wearing a waist-cinching corset. You might think that you’re simply born with the figure you have and there’s nothing you can do about it, but by continuously wearing a steel-boned corset you can, in fact, train your body to adopt a more hourglass-like shape.

While waist training does utilize corsets, it is not a dangerous or painful experience. We have visions of women in the 1800s squeezing into tight corsets, and laying down to catch their breath because corsets caused them to breathe so shallowly. This is not the case with modern waist training! The general rule of thumb is that it should not be painful in any way, and if it is, it’s time to loosen the ties or to remove the corset completely. A corset may be a little uncomfortable as you’re breaking it in, but with continuous use, it will simply become an extension of you.

What Are The Benefits?


Of course, the most obvious benefit to waist training is a more petite waist. Over time, consistent waist training can give you a lovely and feminine hourglass shape to your body. The results vary and depend on many factors, including:

  • How long you wear your corset each day.
  • How often you wear your corset.
  • How tightly laced you have your corset.
  • If you’re following a healthy diet or are pursuing some kind of weight loss regimen.
  • Your genetics.

As people start waist training, they also notice another unexpected benefit. When worn correctly and comfortably, a corset can promote good posture and offer back support. An unhealthy posture—one where our heads jut forward, our upper back curves to compensate this weight shift, and our hips then move forward to further counterbalance it all—is impossible to have when wearing a corset. It forces you to sit and stand up straight, which alone will put less strain on your body. A good waist training corset will also make it feel like this good posture is actually easier to adopt than a bad one, since the steel boning gives your back support in holding your body straight. Because our spines are the center of our movement, a happy, healthy back means more comfort in your body overall.

What Kind Of Corset Should I Wear?

CorsetDeal offers a multitude of waist training corsets for you to try. For someone interested in starting waist training, we recommend the Roxana Waist Training Corset. This underbust option will easily pair with other clothing in your wardrobe while allowing your body to adjust to its new posture and shape.

If you’re looking for a corset that will offer you plenty of back support, take a look at our selection of waist training corsets.

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