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How to Get the Authentic Burlesque Style

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Have you ever seen Moulin Rouge? If so, then you should be at least vaguely familiar with the burlesque style. Burlesque used to be quite popular in the 19thcentury, especially in European cities like Paris. Back then it was known for being a highly sexualized style and show that at times could be a bit scandalous. Even today, burlesque style still has the power to shock and turn heads. Nowadays, however, getting the burlesque style is easy and doesn't require actually performing in shows. All you have to do is have the right attitude, confidence, and the desire to show off your sexuality. If this sounds good to you, read on for five tips to help you get burlesque style!

1.Show skin . . . and lots of it! – When it comes to burlesque, there's no room to be shy. This style requires showing a LOT of skin. Pants are not optional . . . they are completely gone. Short tutu skirts paired with corsets are one of the most common forms of burlesque attire. However, many women also like to get a bit cheeky by ditching their skirts and wearing sexy panties or even a thong. Needless to say, the bedroom can be the best place to go when wearing a burlesque getup (unless of course you're performing).

Burlesque Skirt

2.Kick up your boots! – Sure, a big part of burlesque is showing off skin, but that doesn't mean you can't still be a bit mysterious or even a little bit of a tease. After all, mystery is exotic and a little bit of teasing can even add to the sex appeal. So kick up your boots and hint at what lies beneath! Purchase a pair of burlesque-style sexy boots to wear with the rest of your outfit. These boots should go up to or past your knees to help draw more attention to your sexy curves.

Women's Boots

3.Lace it up! – Burlesque style is almost synonymous with lingerie. Some of the most popular burlesque styles and fabrics involve lace. The more lace you can incorporate into your burlesque outfit, the better. Choose a corset that features lace around the edges, or better yet, a corset that laces up. You can also choose to wear boots that lace up your legs. Lace is very sexy, flattering, and attention grabbing and will accentuate your natural assets!

Burlesque Corsets

4.Don't forget the makeup! – You can't have burlesque style without dramatic makeup! You don't have to go to quite the same lengths that Christina Aguilera did in the music video for "Lady Marmalade," of course. However, you should still make a point to at least wear the traditional red lipstick associated with the style. The color red is known to be one of the most sexual colors, and this is especially true when it comes to lipstick. Women wearing red lipstick are usually viewed as being more sexually appealing and adventurous than those with less bold, more natural makeup.

The most important thing to remember with the burlesque style is that it highlights your sex appeal. Follow all of these tips and don't forget to be confident, and you'll be well on your way to achieving an easy, alluring burlesque look!

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