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Must-Have Corsets for your Collection

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Whether you're a newcomer to the world of corsets or a long-time corset enthusiast, your corset collection isn't complete without a few of these must-have styles, all available for order online from our Corsetdeal Australia store!

Must-Have Style #1: The Waist Training Corset

The waist training corset is without a doubt one of the most essential corset styles for any Australian woman's collection, as it not only affords a beautiful, slender waist and accentuated curves, but actually trains the waist over time to maintain a more tapered shape! Our authentic, steel-boned waist training corsets offer exceptional shape and support, yet are still comfortable to wear and are available in a variety of sophisticated styles. Our Vic Underbust Waist Training Corset, featured below, is a perfect example of how our corsets blend both function and fashion.

Vic Underbust Waist Training Corset

Must-Have Style #2: The Reversible Corset

Who among us doesn't love two-for-one deals? With a reversible corset, that's exactly what you'll get! Every Australian woman can benefit from a reversible corset simply for its inherent versatility; arm yourself with an extra style option by opting for a corset that features two distinct colors and patterns, for just one affordable price. Our Jodi Reversible Corset can take your look from playful to seductive in just one zip!

Must-Have Style #3: The Edgy Corset

Sometimes we just feel like sporting something a little less sweet, and a little more sassy, and for that, our Gothic corsets and Steampunk corsets are ideal! Embrace a darker, more dramatic aesthetic with black Gothic corsets with metal embellishments, as seen on our Chantal Gothic Corset below, or go for a look in leather with Steampunk corsets that are both darling and daring. The great thing about Steampunk and Gothic corset styles is that they're part of a much larger fashion subculture; this means you'll easily be able to create an entire Gothic or Steampunk look with shoes, dresses, tops and jackets to match (all of which we have in our Steampunk and Gothic collections).

Chantal Gothic Corset

Must-Have Style #4: The Couture Corset

While corsets are often worn for a more practical purpose—to enhance the female figure—they're just as often worn to showcase style. That's why every woman needs a corset in her collection she falls in love with for its beauty and intricate design. Couture corsets stand out as some of the most fashion-forward and adorned corsets out there; women can find couture corsets with beads, lace, feathers, silks, ribbons and much more for a look that's both elegant and show-stopping. With an authentic steel-boned couture corset, such as our Ilse Couture Corset, you won't be wanting for high style and sensuality!

Ilse Couture Corset


Begin your search for these must-have Australia corset styles today by shopping with us online at Corsetdeal!

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